Mercury Conjunct Uranus: Flashes of Insight

Mercury conjuncts Uranus at 24 ° of Aries for the third and final time on Tuesday, May 8, 2017.   The first of these three was March 26, 2017 and the second was during it’s retrograde cycle on April 27.

A Mercury/Uranus conjunction is not in and of itself anything extraordinary- it happens frequently. This time around, however, they make this conjunction 3 times.  Mercury came out of retrograde on May 3 at 24°, just a degree away from Uranus, making the conjunction between these two a theme lately.

Mercury is the planet of communication and Uranus is creative, abrupt and a truth-teller. Together these two bring flashes of insights and new creative ideas.    It can also bring scattered thoughts, high-strung nervous systems, and no-sugar coating on that piece of information we may or may not have asked for.

While technically this transit is only one day, it marks the completion of a phase that began at the end of March.  For the last month or so, you may have been feeling mentally overstimulated -so much is moving and shifting within us and the collective experience that it can be hard to keep focused and clear about what is really true.   This final pass on Tuesday is an opportunity to receive insights around the lessons of the last month- what needs to change in how we process information, how we communicate our ideas, what we need to get really honest ourselves about.  For the next few days, we have the potential to tap into new, creative ways of thinking that will help to move us forward, as long as we are authentic to who we are.

Check out where 24° of Aries sits in your natal chart to determine the area of your life this energy is most active in.  Stay open to insights and ideas coming through in unexpected ways to capitalize on this opportunity!


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