Saturn Retrograde: Rewriting the Rules

Saturn retrograde begins on April 6th 2017 at 27° Sagittarius and lasts until August 25, 2017.

Saturn deals with the structures and rules that shape our lives, the responsibilities and commitments that we make.  When it goes retrograde, we are given the opportunity to revisit these structures and check in with our bottom-lines.  Do the rules in your head really serve you?  Are you placing too much responsibility on yourself, or on the flip side, are you taking no responsibility for your own life experiences?

Retrogrades always offer us the chance to recalibrate. We get to look at what is out of alignment at our very base, what rules we have decided we need to follow in our lives that need to be reworked.  Saturn is known as Father Time, and you may have already noticed something within you or some part of your life slowing down.  As Saturn switches direction (from direct to retrograde) our relationship to time can feel like it’s being rewired.  Saturn is about patience and diligence- it does not want you to rush to the finish line. It wants you to take your time, determine what structures you are holding on to that do not serve you, and dedicate yourself to rebuilding.

This year, Saturn goes direct in square to Chiron and retrograde Venus.  This can feel like frustration in relationships, feeling confined by our financial situation, social isolation, revisiting painful patterns and generally feeling pessimistic.  Remember this is an opportunity to be really honest with ourselves about what isn’t working, what needs to shift, and what work we need to do to achieve what we really want.

To determine how this affects you personally, locate Sagittarius in your chart, specifically 27-21° as that is where Saturn will be making this journey.  The house, or houses, that those degrees fall into is the area of your life that is being most strongly affected.  Maybe you need to restructure your budget, check in with your commitments to your health, take responsibility for a friendship that has been faltering, or release a relationship that does not serve you.

Remember that you have time, you don’t need to make rash changes before they feel right.  The changes will come.  Mercury is also going retrograde in Taurus on April 9th, again supporting us as we rethink how to be our best selves and live to our highest potentials. This may feel serious, as Saturn is not known to be comical, but this is the time for long term growth that will ultimately bring us more joy.


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