Understanding the Self through Astrology

Are you an Aries or a Libra? Most people are aware of their sun sign, which is found through the date of birth.  It’s common to hear people describe themselves as a Leo or a Pisces, and many horoscopes in magazines and newspapers will focus only on this point. The study of astrology actually goes far beyond looking at sun signs.   Your natal chart shows the position of the planets in the sky the moment that you were born, including 10 planets, 12 zodiac signs and 10 houses.

At it’s simplest level, astrology is still quite complicated- because humans are complicated! We do not fit into categories (although Capricorn would really like us to), and each of us has a unique combination of planets in different signs and houses that gives us different ways of communicating, different values, different perspectives.   No two people are exactly alike, not even twins.   The moment we are born, we are born into a particular set of personality traits, strengths and weaknesses, as depicted in the natal chart. Once you are familiar with astrology (it is a bit like learning another language), you can find out anything through the natal chart.   All areas of our lives show up there -friends, family, work, relationships, philosophies, strengths and weaknesses.   Our greatest potentials and downfalls are mapped out for us according to the exact positioning of the planets at birth, but we still get to decide how we express them throughout our lives.   Nothing is so black and white that we don’t get to choose how we respond to or experience something.  Understanding the chart gives us the opportunities to understand ourselves on a much deeper level.

Astrology brings us a self-awareness that gives us the ability to utilize our talents effectively or to understand why some things don’t come easily to us when we are simply not wired that way.  It can help to take things less personally.  It’s in your chart; you were born into it.  It’s not your fault if you are not naturally a good multi-tasker (or if you take on way too many projects and never finish any of them), but it is your responsibility to know that about yourself and find a way to make it work. People who can’t multitask are often very present (Taurus); people who multi-task too much are often good at coming up with new ideas and creative ways to unify seemingly separate ideas or parts (Gemini).  Analyzing a natal chart gives us the opportunity to look at ourselves (and others) objectively in this way.  We all have light and dark parts, that’s not what’s important.  What’s important is how conscious we can become of who we really are and how we can shape our experience and the world around us for the greatest benefit.  By learning about your natal chart you discover the depths of yourself and how to work with the unique blueprint you were given at birth to live your best life.


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